A friendly, family place
In the Ikenotaira area of Myoko
Hotel Village Enzan is a great choice for a stay in Myoko. We're almost ideally located between all the area's main ski resorts, with nearly immediate access to the shuttle bus linking Akakura, Ikenotaira and Suginohara. We're not in the busiest part of town; you can enjoy all Myoko has to offer, then relax in a quiet, family-like atmosphere where you can set your own pace. We'll do all we can to make you feel at home as you enjoy this world-class ski resort, and all the attractions of the area.

Take a look at our website; drop a note if you have any questions or would like more information;
Japanese room
The flexibility of traditional Japanese rooms means you have plenty of space to lay out your gear or stretch out during the day, then sleep in the warm comfort of futon beds.
Western room
We have two Western rooms, which can accommodate four in the beds. A great choice for families.
Warm up and relax in our onsen
After a long day out on the hills, relax and warm up in our natural hot spring onsen bath. The water comes from a source high on the south east side of Mt. Myoko, and is full of beneficial minerals.
Access to the ski areas
Ikenotaira Ski Area is very close by; all other areas area easily accessible by the town shuttle bus.
A warm spot in the snow
The snow may be falling hard outside, but it's always warm and welcoming inside Hotel Village Enzan.
The beauty of Myoko
We're in a great location for getting around, but the natural beauty of Myoko is just around the corner. Sounds good? Check on availability or make a reservation. Looking forward to welcoming you to Myoko, and Hotel Village Enzan.