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Train information and schedules

Narita Express

Most people traveling to Myoko start their journey at Japan's main international port, Narita International Airport, 60 kilometers east of Tokyo in Chiba Prefecture. From here, the easiest line for most travelers is the JR Narita Express—ideal both because tickets can be purchased for the entire trip to Myoko, and because those using JR rail passes can get them authorized at the JR stations in both main terminals of the airport and begin using them immediately.

HyperDia, operated by Hitachi Systems, Ltd., is perhaps the easiest to use English-language transportation website in Japan. Simply fill in your departing and arrival stations, the time you want to leave or arrive, and it provides times, fees, often track numbers and links for helpful information such as area maps.

JR East
The main railway serving Myoko (as well as the rest of East Japan), JR East's website can be a little tricky to navigate, but everything you need to know is there! Better for seeing an overview of train schedules through the day than route-searching sites like HyperDia.
Baggage and transport

Airport TA-Q-BIN
There's no reason to lug all of your heavy gear with you; send it from the airport direct to Enzan, with next day service (depending slightly on your arrival time). And when you leave, you can ship your gear back to the airport. Great, too, if you're traveling to another destination in Japan during your stay. The site contains rates, information, and locations at all major airports in Japan.
Airport and airline information

Narita Airport
The official site for information from Japan' busiest airport. Lots of useful and practical travel information.
Kansai International Airport
More travelers are arriving through this airport way out in Osaka Bay, or departing after a side trip to Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, Osaka or other destinations in Kansai.A full range of information on flights and facilities.

Myoko Tourist Office
Our city's official website, with lots of information on the area, contact information, and downloadable maps, dining guides, etc.

Snow Japan
Be sure to check out the weekly weather page as well, which includes temperatures, estimated precipitation and freezing levels on the mountain. It's a good source for weather, and features a daily Myoko Now! section.

Japan National Tourist Office (JNTO)
The national tourism organization has a site with lots of information in destinations around the country