Welcome to Myoko,
Ikenotaira and Hotel Village Enzan!
Your host, Kazuo Maruyama
If you're looking for a relaxed, family-style stay on your next trip to Myoko, I'd like to invite you to stay with us at Hotel Village Enzan. We're located in the center of Ikenotaira, right on the shuttle bus route and conveniently located for access to all of Myoko's main ski areas.

Our rooms are cleanly simple, spacious Japanese-style facilities, recently renovated for extra storage. During the day your room is open, giving you plenty of space to sort through your gear; at night, you sleep in warm, comfortable futon—beds that many people really come to love (and they're great for tired backs after a hard day on the slopes! We also have converted all our restrooms to Western-style toilets.

Our onsen features natural hot spring water from the south side of Mt. Myoko—you can often see the steam rising from the source high on the mountain. Enjoy free WiFi throughout the hotel. Most of our international guests prefer to stay on a breakfast-only basis, and we make sure that you'll have a good morning meal to start your day. We are also very happy to serve dinner when you like—which may be a nice choice on a really snowy evening. Just let us know as soon as possible (preferably a day ahead).

And, most of all, just feel at home here with us. This isn't a huge, impersonal hotel but a small, friendly place where we'll do all we can to make you feel at home. We don't speak much English, but somehow communications seem to go pretty well! Just come down to the dining area for a cup of coffee or a cold beer and let us know your plans for the day, or about the adventures you've had!

Breakfast time
Count on a good, solid start to your day at Enzan.

The dining room
The sunny spot for breakfast and other meals, and for a cup of coffee any time.